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Chips & Salsa

House salsa with veggies. Served with tortilla chips. 6.99


Spinach & Artichoke Dip

A blend of white cheeses, herbs, spinach & artichoke hearts. Served with tortilla chips. 8.99

The Sampler

Tortilla chips served with guac, salsa, and spinach & artichoke dip. 9.99


Grilled Cheese Sliders

3 different sliders served with tomato soup for dipping. 10.99

Add bacon for .99



Add chips to your soup for $1


Broccoli Cheddar

Tender broccoli florets and creamy cheddar cheese. 6.99


Loaded Baked Potato

Thick chunks of potato in a rich creamy soup with savory bits of bacon. 6.99


Chicken Tortilla

Tender white chicken breast, sweet corn, roasted poblano chile peppers in a rich chicken stock. 6.99


Tomato Basil

Sumptuous organic tomatoes, fresh cream, and sweet basil. 6.99


 Can’t decide? Make it a sampler! Choose any 3 for 9.99.


Add chips to your salad for $1


Side Salad

A mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and shredded cheddar. 5.99 Add bacon or avocado for .50


Tortilla Chicken Salad

Crushed tortilla chips, lettuce, tomatoes, diced chicken breast, and shredded cheddar. 9.99


BLT Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese. 9.99


Chicken Caesar Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken breast, shredded parmesan. 9.99



French, Caesar, Creamy Italian, Ranch,

1000 Island,, Honey Mustard


Full Sandwich 11.99   Half Sandwich & Soup 12.49   Half Sandwich 7.99


All sandwiches are served with your choice of bread and chips.


Bread: White, Wheat, Rye


Chips: Plain, BBQ, Jalapeno, Sweet Onion, Tortilla



    Salsa      Avocado

.99          .99


Half .99 Full 1.79

Double Meat

Half 1.59 Full 3.00



Chicken breast topped with avocado slices, bacon, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, provolone cheese,

and honey mustard.


Smoke Stack

Smoked beef & turkey covered with smoked Gouda, shredded lettuce, mayo, and honey mustard.


The Club

Thinly sliced ham with turkey breast topped with tomatoes,

shredded lettuce, bacon, cheddar cheese, and mayo.



Thinly sliced turkey breast layered with avocado slices, bacon, gouda cheese,

shredded lettuce, and mayo.



Ham topped with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and swiss with a spread of mayo.


Smoked Turkey

Thinly sliced turkey breast topped with shredded lettuce, onion, cheddar cheese, honey mustard, and mayo.


Ham & Cheese

Thinly sliced ham topped with slices of melted cheddar cheese, tomato, shredded lettuce, and mayo.



A thick stack of bacon, tomatoes & shredded lettuce combined with

shredded cheddar, mayo, and a hint of onion.


 Chicken Caesar

Chicken breast with parmesan cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and Caesar dressing.


Beef & Cheddar

Prime rib covered in melted cheddar and yellow mustard.



Thinly sliced corned beef or pastrami topped with sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing, 

and melted swiss on rye.



Thinly sliced prime rib combined with green peppers, onion, and spices covered with melted provolone and a spread of mayo.


Corned Beef

Lean, thinly sliced corned beef with spicy deli mustard and melted swiss on rye.



A combination of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green peppers, cucumbers, avocado slices, cheddar, provolone and mayo.


Grilled Cheese

Loaded with melted cheddar. Full 7.99 Half 5.99


Grilled PB&J

With creamy peanut butter & grape jelly. Full 7.99 Half 5.99


Kids Menu

Comes with chips or oranges and a drink

(lemonade, milk, or soda)


1/2 Grilled Cheese

Loaded with melted cheddar. 6.99


1/2 Grilled PB&J

With creamy peanut butter & grape jelly. 6.99


1/2 Ham & Cheese

Covered with melted cheddar. 6.99


Add chocolate or vanilla ice cream cup for $1

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